The idea behind The Memory Makers is that it’s people who create magic and memories, not places and not companies. Memory Makers thrive no matter where they are, regardless of the circumstances, and their validity does not waver in times of hardship. Now more than ever, they deserve to be celebrated. But to do that, we need your help:

Make Your Choice

There’s no shortage of Memory Makers to choose from. (You can nominate multiple people, including yourself, but we ask that you please send each nomination in a separate email.)

Consent is Key

While we know it would be fun to do this as a surprise, we will need to contact your Memory Maker for an interview. Please ensure they are willing to speak with us and be featured on the blog!

Introduce Them

We are so excited to meet your Memory Maker. Please email us at and include their contact information and a blurb about why you’re nominating them.

Have a question?

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