This year has been difficult for the vast majority of us and, sadly, this includes many of the Memory Makers you will get to know here. But we believe that no one gets left behind and that even a little support goes a long way. If you’d like to donate to help Memory Makers or any of our fellow citizens, you’ll find a list of worthy causes below.

Cast Member Pantry

More than 28,000 Cast Members have lost their dream jobs and livelihoods in the last few months. Consider donating time, money, or food to Cast Member Pantry. You can donate here.

World Central Kitchen

Memory Makers don’t just work at theme parks. They live and work everywhere. World Central Kitchen provides food relief for those who are in need. Please consider donating here.

Black Lives Matter

This isn’t up for debate, and too many of our Memory Makers’ lives are at risk. This movement is important, so please consider donating to organizations that lead the fight for justice here.

Do you have suggestions on other organizations to highlight?

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