Welcome to The Memory Makers

I am so excited to welcome you to The Memory Makers, a space dedicated to sharing stories, advice, and resources for those who dare to dream in the face of adversity.

I suspect some of you may know me as The Theme Park Princess, and if you’ve been following me for this long, all I can say is thank you. Without that blog, without that chapter of my life, The Memory Makers wouldn’t exist.

After I wrote What They Don’t Tell You About the Disney College Program, I quickly realized that I wanted to tell more personal stories that connected with theme park employees and guests alike. I knew then that my blog might never be the ‘breaking news,’ get-invited-to-media-events type of website, but it also didn’t feel like the right space to go full steam ahead on sharing stories of those who make magic in our favorite parks. What I wanted to do required a clean slate, a brand new blog with cohesive messaging that stood out from the typical theme park blogs.

And now you’re here, and my dream is a reality.

While my idea stemmed from wanting to recognize the cast and team members who bring joy to our trips to the parks, this is a space to celebrate ANYONE who embodies what it means to be a Memory Maker, regardless of their profession.

But what is a Memory Maker? How do we define it?

I mentioned a piece of it before: someone who dares to dream in the face of adversity. But it’s more than that. It’s someone who brings joy to those around them, who chooses to get back up after being knocked down, who lives in the present moment and makes the best of the cards they’ve been dealt.

In a year such as this one, I’ve watched so many people lose their dream jobs, their livelihoods. And I’ve watched those SAME people get back up, dust themselves off, and start down a new path, whether it be in their personal or professional lives.

The beautiful thing about Memory Makers is that they are Memory Makers no matter where their journeys take them. Their worth and their ability to make magic wherever they go is not rooted in a job, a company, a place, or another person. It lives within them. And I’m so excited to celebrate those who may not ever stop to celebrate themselves.

While this site serves to celebrate and support Memory Makers, it will also be a place to share advice and resources that may aid in your own journey. From discussions about mental health to building up our courage to start new things, we’re going to touch on everything and anything that will help us grow into who we’re meant to be. And I truly love that journey for us.

I’m so happy to have you here. Let’s get started.


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